Top 5 reasons That Your Google Ads Getting Disapproved?

Every business and organization is into advertising to increase their brand awareness that converts into a well-known and global brand, and by eliminating the traditional way of branding they are on google advertising.

Over here google advertising is known as google ads which are based on the selection of your PPC ( Pay-Per-Click ).

Google Ads can be defined as online advertising that focuses on potential customers. So only the interested one sent to your website through this platform of google ads.

Google Ads has always been in an immense increase among various businesses or organizations whether it a product or service google Ads words has always been in use.

Why Use Google Ads?

Adwords is considered a boon for online advertisers as it just not increases your brand awareness but also helps you out in

  • Reaching more customers through their Gmail Inbox.
  • It measures your performance consistently.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Works faster compared to SEO.
  • Decide your budget from big to small.

And by these, it gives a clear explanation of the Google Ads services is worth using

Usage of Google Ads

Google Ads has always been in an immense increase among various businesses or organizations whether it a product or service google Ads words has always been in use.

The above graph clearly shows that google ads have never faced a downward trend but have always been in high demand among the crowds.

So, here is a clear explanation that shows the effectiveness of Google Ads and CPC ( Cost-per-Click ). So, let’s have a look at Google pricing.

  • 90% of customers say these ads are more effective in decision making.
  • $1- $2 is, the average CPC spent for Google Ads.
  • $9,000- $10,000 is an average capital spent by small to midsize companies.
  • $1 or less is the average CPC for the Google Display network.
  • $10 – $15 is recommended as the daily budget for the Google Ads campaign.

But, as it’s AdWords there are some criteria and terms and conditions to follow to get your ad displayed as a Google advertisement.

Reasons for your Google Ads getting Disapproved

It’s quite unpleasant to know that your ads are getting disapproved by Google AdWords. So, what are the reasons by which your ads are getting, rejected?

1. Spelling Or Grammatical Errors

This can be considered as one of the most common mistakes for which your ads are getting, disapproved. Probably you won’t be penalized as Google Adwords is quite sympathetic towards these errors.

So, it’s always better for a re-check before publishing your ad where you need to verify your ad headline, description, and extension to ensure that they meet up to all the Google Standard.

2. Capitalization

It’s true according to Google ads policy capitalization is considered an issue by which your google ads are getting disapproved. There is no wrong in capitalizing your words to give a tempting and highly look, but there are some criteria set by google for capitalization such as

  • Not capitalizing the first letter or proper noun.
  • Capitalizing non-proper nouns.
  • Random capitalization.

Moreover, there are some words like coupon codes, abbreviations, trademarks, or brand/product names where Non-standard capitalization words are allowed e.g- ASAP, ISI trademark, etc.

3. Punctuation and symbols

Here we have listed some key points that are related to some of the punctuation and symbols issues by which your google ads may get rejected.

  • Adding exclamation marks is the ad headline.
  • Adding more than one exclamation mark in the description.
  • Repetition of punctuation marks and symbols.
  • Usage of non-standard symbols or characters which include such as asterisks (*), bullet points(.), or ellipses()
  • Non-standard use of superscripts.
  • Using symbols, numbers, and letters that don’t follow their true meaning or purpose.
  • Excessive or contemporary use of numbers, symbols, and
  • Adding Invalid or unsupported characters such as emojis.

So, it’s necessary to avoid the above issue as much as possible. In the case of your trademark

4. Destination Mismatch

An inaccurate URL is also one of the consequences where your google ads get disapproved.

  •  For example, if your displayed URL is “” but the post-click leads to “” and by this ads get disapproved.
  • Using the keyword insertion feature in the top-level or second-level domain of your display URL, such as “www. (keyword).com”
  • If your URL is redirected to a different domain, for example, your URL is “” and it’s being redirected to “”; therefore, your ad is rejected.?
  • Tracking templates that don’t lead to the same content as the final URL (e.g.: the final URL leads to a product category page, but the tracking template directs the user to a specific product page).

The simple way to avoid these errors is to Review your URLs. Your disapproval email shows you the domain your ad pointed to at the time of review. 

You can also use Google Search Console to check your destination URL to ensure the resulting domain matches your display URL domain. Then, edit all of your page URLs, so they comply with Google’s ad policy.

5. Misrepresentation of the expected content

Google wants that the ads displayed on the search engines are relevant and prominent by which the ads should be clear, honest, valuable, and informative to the customers.

So, uploading as Google ads some points are needed to be avoided such as

  • Missing Information
  • Irrelevant Offers
  • Misleading Content
  • Unidentified business
  • Unclear relevancy

So, now before applying Google Ad so it’s necessary to re-check that the weather doesn’t contain any misleading or irrelevant content, missing any information, and if any above points are included in your ad, then there is no doubt your ads will get disapproved.


There is no doubt generating ads in google is overwhelming but at the same time when your ads get rejected, it can be underwhelming as there are many criteria and conditions set by Google.

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