White Hat V/S Black Hat SEO Services How Does It Affect My SEO Ranking?

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Regardless of size or industry, all organizations are vying for a spot on the web. With so many websites joining every day, it’s essential that your content stands out from others with SEO services – because if you don’t rank well in search engines, then there will be no way to find your page.

But like every organization, we are looking for an instant result with a positive outcome, where Black Hat SEO Service enters. But what is precisely a Black Hat SEO service? And what products we are going to face by using the Black Hat strategy.

What is Black Hat SEO?

In its simplest form, Black Hat Search Engine Optimization means using spammy words or phrases which are forbidden under Google’s guidelines because they can give websites a higher ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages)

However, there have been cases where these practices led users straight onto bad sites promoting malware programs explicitly designed as black hat techniques meant only serve one purpose: infecting visitors’ computer systems throughout each step. So, let’s know what Every SEO Agency should avoid Black Hat techniques and strategies.

1) Keyword Stuffing

There is no doubt that keywords are considered one of the most important aspects of SEO, but when you add irrelevant or multiple variations keywords, it’s a Black Hat SEO service. Keyword Stuffing can be explained as

  • List of Phone numbers.
  • Blocks of text listing cities and states where a web page is trying to rank.
  • Repeating the exact words multiple;e times sounds unnatural.

As it is a keyword, it doesn’t mean you can use it multiple times, even if it does not form a sentence.

You can do keyword research to find out what people are searching for but overusing these keywords in your content is not a good idea. Rather than filling your content with irrelevant keywords, concentrate on creating valuable content that focuses on topics over keywords.

2) Poor Quality Content

It’s not just about having the right keywords in your content. However, if you’re copying from another website, it will be considered duplicate or plagiarized and a Black Hat SEO strategy. The Google Panda algorithm recognizes this type of behaviour the following points:

  • Low-Quality Content.
  • Hidden Keywords that are not visible.
  • Irrelevant content which is not related to the topic.

If any SEO Agency follows the above points, that organization is completely following a Black Hat SEO service.

3) Paid Links

Google strictly bans the technique of exchanging links from one to another website. It’s like selling free products for a link exchange, and by this, Google will consider it a Link scheme that breaches their Webmaster Guidelines.

Selling and buying these kinds of backlinks is considered Black Hat and penalizes buyer/seller in an algorithm created by search engine giants such as Google! So better be safe than sorry: disavow those bad lucks soon before they harm your rank even more.

4) Link Farms

When several links redirect to the same website to increase search rankings, it’s called link farming. Google can easily detect this Black Hat strategy, as there’ll usually be low-quality content with lots of backlinks from different sites that shouldn’t exist on one page.
Let alone have such high importance for ranking purposes – so stay away from these types if you want your site’s SEO efforts to go legit.

5) Blog Comment Spam

The name says it all. The inclusion of a spam link in your blog comment will affect your site and likely rank lower for that post, which is unfortunate.

Because Google updated their algorithms not too long ago to help prevent this kind of practice from happening as much any more.

So try not to do the same thing but keep yourself aware by commenting with links only if necessary – we recommend avoiding them altogether unless necessary, like linking back directly.

White Hat SEO Service

White Hat SEO is the safest way to improve your search rankings. It’s done according to the terms and conditions of a particular search engine so that you can rank higher on it for more extended periods.

Black Hat techniques would lead to better results in shorter periods and come with more risks attached if executed improperly or unethically by an unscrupulous agent who knows very little about White-Hat strategies which may backfire against him later down the line. The following list details some best practices when using this white hat SEO.

1) Offer Quality Content

Content containing relevant and limited keywords that meet the visitors’ needs and solve their queries is considered high-quality content for any SEO service.

2) Descriptive and Rich-Meta Tags

Creating a better meta description with the relevant keywords for each website page helps the search engine recognize your website for better rankings.

3) Easy to Navigate

Make a user-friendly website where the visitor can easily navigate to any webpage or product/services that you provide on your website.

This type of practice is a White-Hat SEO practice as it performs a better SEO result.

4) A Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of your website is viewed on mobile devices. If your website does not operate appropriately on portable devices, you’re going to lose deals and face a high bounce rate; to overcome this issue, make your website responsive, as it’s a White-Hat SEO tactic.

5) Schema Markup

It’s a robust algorithm that is advantageous for all SEO experts. Schema Markup is a way that structures your data on your website, which makes the search engine know what information your website is providing.

Schema meta properties allow Google to know which Facebook and Twitter profile is associated with your business.

It’s a White-Hat SEO technique that shows better search rankings.


It clearly explains that White-Hat SEO is the only way to receive organic results for the longer term. Therefore, every SEO agency is moving towards White-Hat SEO, abandoning the Black- Hat techniques.

The above graph shows an up growth in the Black-Hat practice, but ultimately, it falls with a flat line, whereas the White-Hat is in constant up development.

Many agencies use various SEO techniques, but what trouble they face is which methods should be used.

You can leave this trouble over Vispan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as it knows which White-Hat strategy should be used for your business that can immensely boost your business’s positive results like never before.