What exactly is digital marketing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

‘Digital Marketing’ Just another one of the most popular and heard fancy words these days. Isn’t it?
One of the most remarkable events happened in 1971, when the very first email was sent. However, it’s a memorable time as the beginning of the new Digital Marketing. And now we know how digital marketing has grown today!
In a very short term digital marketing – Marketing through digital medium. Medium such as, mobile devices, web applications, emails, search engines and so on.
Let me make it more understandable for you…

It is nothing but marketing of products and services over the internet that includes electronic devices.

Why digital marketing matters

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In the last few years, we are hearing everywhere digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, and so… more and more people are turning to online websites to look for their products and services.

Have you ever thought that why well reputed and big companies are having more customers who buy their products and making higher profits? So, the answer is they know their target customers or an audience. That means what targeted people are searching in search engines. If you could include these kinds of terms in your product details or a service then customers are more likely to find your product, service from your website.

When it comes to any trade or service offering, quality and interesting advertising is always a positive thing. So, you have to support your goods, services, or whatever, no matter what you do. It helps you do this, but it also helps you develop your brand and grow the market for your company.

So if you have a website (although it is inconceivable that there is no website for a startup or company), internet marketing and the use of the keywords as well as your optimized website can bring a lot more visitors to your business. This means a bunch of people will be able to see you, hear you and find you what you offer to them. Isn’t it simple and effective?

Around 70 percent of marketers agree that the old and traditional way of marketing is no longer effective for sales generation, growing a business, and company branding. In order to get better business, more than 85 percent of companies will increase their digital marketing’s investment plan.

It is helping businesses in numbers of ways..

Great Opportunity for all type of businesses

Digital marketing provides a great platform for all types of businesses. There are now a large number of companies in the online marketplace, from local to foreign. All types of businesses now have complete access to a wide range of their targeted audiences. These can really help people to boost their businesses.

Cost Effective

For small start-ups, medium and large businesses, digital marketing has proved to be more intelligent and cost-effective. Targeted analysis and analytics are used by digital marketers to rapidly assess which methods are working well and which are not worth the expense or money.

Tracking of data is easy

Companies are able to gather consumer information via various digital platforms, such as websites, blogs, shopping applications, mailing lists, etc. This helps companies to market their products/services by accessing a database of target buyers to select customers.

Increases Your Brand Visibility

Digital marketing can really help your brand. When you are available on the internet and reach the targeted audience to find their requirements, it can help to build a strong trust between both of you. This will really really improve your brand awareness and reputation.

Target Your Ideal Audience

One of the most obvious reasons why digital marketing is important is the opportunity to reach the audience better. Look for a scenario where people are interested in your service or product, with the help of digital marketing you are able to reach those people and can help in enhancement of your business.

Get higher revenues

Unlike old fashioned marketing, digital marketing can give you higher returns on your investment. Which means it will give you higher profit.
It’s good to know, you spend less when you go with digital marketing.

It’s easy to measure

Proving the efficacy of your conventional marketing channel can be a challenging job, but digital marketing allows you unique KPIs to calculate performance with all your marketers and metrics.
There are words such as watch time, interaction rate, average period, bounce rate, graphs etc., which will let you know if your marketing strategies or campaigns have been performing well.

Mobile accessibility

Mobile marketing has become the most significant pillar of digital marketing with the exponential expansion of smart phones. A number of smartphone users are being encouraged to produce their desired amount of revenue by mobile marketing.


Digital marketing is a large opportunity for your business to expand, grow and achieve new heights.To drive valuable outcomes for your business, you will be able to run numerous digital marketing campaigns and strategies. Vispan solutions is the best and leading digital marketing agency and we are honored to provide great values best out of best for our clients.