How to Optimize the Blog?

optimize the blog

It’s important to have a well-optimized blogs post in order for your site and the articles on it to rank higher with Google. This way, more people will be able to find out what great content you produce!


It is a sad reality that many bloggers fail to take advantage of the immense marketing potential for their blog posts.

Even though almost 60% of businesses have blogs, according to a recent study by, 65% of those blog owners haven’t even updated in the last year! You can benefit from the various advantages blogging offers by offering up-to-date, pertinent information and carrying out simple blog post optimization.s

The Benefits of Business Blogging

Here are a few brief things to think about in case you are unfamiliar with business blogging and how it might help your company:

  • Blogs entries will increase website traffic and lead generation for your company.
  • Building links through blogging will improve your search engine results.
  • You can reuse blogs content on social media sites and for your Google My Business profile.
  • The traffic to a website can improve over time from blogs posts.
  • The most successful type of material is blogs postings (above email, ebooks, and white papers).

The time is now! You can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Get your website up and running with an optimized content strategy that will help you bring in more traffic from interested leads.

Making Your Blog Posts Search Engine Friendly

Here are six quick techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) to help people find your blogs.

Conduct research

Keyword research is an essential part of on-page optimization. You may be naturally including keywords without realizing it by providing valuable content for a topic, but chances are you’re not doing any explicit keyword searching or strategizing!

For a blogs post on how to find related keywords, there are many different techniques that you might not have considered.

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Semrush are two great tools that allow you to find keywords related to your topic, as well as spy on the competition so we can see what words they’re targeting for traffic!s

All throughout your post, use keywords

When you have targeted a couple of keywords that are relevant and valuable, it is important to place them where they will have the most impact for humans as well as search engine crawlers. Try including these key terms in any or all of these places:

  • Headings and subtitles for the title
  • sentence to begin
  • The final sentence
  • Link text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
  • Meta descriptions and heading tags

Google has been known to penalize bloggers who engage in keyword stuffing. It’s also difficult for readers because they can’t read the content without being irritated by too many words containing their keywords! A couple of strategically placed key phrases should do it, though just make sure those don’t exceed more than 10%.

Optimize your images

Make sure to include keywords in the file name and fill out this field with a brief description.

The link references to other sources

Linking to other bloggers and articles in your post is a great way to not only keep visitors engaged with what you have written, but it may also result in more traffic for yourself! In order to provide quality links back, be sure they are pointed at the actual article or blogs post rather than just including any old link.

Give readers the option to follow your blogs by subscribing

You can also include prominently placed RSS or feed subscription buttons and offer your viewers the ability to subscribe via email when possible. This allows blogs followers to instantly receive notifications of new posts without having to periodically check for them on a regular basis, which will make sure they don’t miss anything!

Use Social Media

Why not use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to promote your blogs content? You can post links on all of these platforms with just one click using free software called Hootsuite. This will give you more web exposure in less time than it takes most people their entire day!


With Vispan Solutions, you can be confident that we will always have a plan for the best possible positioning in search engine results. Our experienced team and comprehensive approach to SEO service development over time have shown us how important it is to not only have an optimized website but one that also continues to evolve as Google changes its algorithms regularly.

Search engine optimization is a critical component of any successful web design. When you optimize your site, it can result in higher rankings for SERPs and increased traffic from Google searches that lead users directly back to your website! 

The amount of time you spend on web design and content creation is increasing every day. It can be hard to keep up with all the aspects, but we have your back! Our experts are ready for any task – from optimizing tags or keyword density in posts to implementing structural changes like adding pages; they’ll work hard so that search engines better understand what kind of information would benefit their users most when providing results based off of keywords entered into Google searches.