How to Increase Website Traffic for Free?

website traffic

In order for your business model to function as planned and for you to scale it, traffic is essential if you operate an online firm. As a result, you must use a variety of tactics to draw in new users and keep current ones interested in your material.

Here are 46 tried-and-true strategies to increase website traffic in 2022.

1. Optimize Content Up 

You can locate the keywords you rank for at the bottom of the first page because you are monitoring your keyword rankings with Semrush.

Then, you may go edit those pages to improve their ranking by adding relevant content, keywords, and images. Google also favors fresh, newly updated material over outdated, stale content.

2. Website Audit  

Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to generate scalable and continuous traffic for your website (SEO). Adopt a strategic mindset rather than just completing activities for their own sake. A complete website audit is a terrific place to start when creating a strategy so you can find and concentrate on your highest leverage chances.

Use a site crawler and a digital marketing tool like Semrush together to audit your website.

Both of these tools assist you proactively think of marketing opportunities and content upgrades as you go about growing your business. They also proactively detect existing opportunities or challenges.

3. Guest Posting 

Similar to this, many websites seek links in order to access your clients and improve their SEO. Allow them to write a guest post on your website if they aren’t a direct rival. Once they have a stake in your business, they will support the material they have created by promoting it, which will also put you in front of their audience. A great win-win situation.

4. Publicize infographics

If your organization has a designer, ask them to produce eye-catching graphics using bite-sized chunks of important information that your audience will love. People will perceive your content, goods, and business in a different way thanks to infographics because they tell a story.

Canva is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool for non-designers if you don’t have one on staff.

5. Collaborations 

Partnerships may be a goldmine for acquiring customers, especially in business-to-business (B2B) sectors. Develop referral programs with comparable businesses that serve audiences that are similar to yours, and try to drive some of their visitors back to your website through website mentions, social media posts, or even email marketing.

6. Link Formation

Although it may seem like an outdated strategy, the more backlinks your website has, the higher it will rank. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Therefore, gain links to your website from your content, related resource pages on other websites, and outreach efforts.

7. Create boards on Pinterest

A very powerful domain is Pinterest. This indicates that Google grants authority to content like Pinterest Boards, which can enhance your rank outcomes. For your website, conduct the usual keyword research. Then, target some of those terms on Pinterest.

Use your other online resources to promote your Boards and help them rank better and get indexed more quickly.

8. Promote your Pinterest pins

If you want your content to rank well and drive traffic, it’s not enough to just create it, unless you have a devoted following or a specialty industry. You must be involved. Engagement has a bigger influence on rankings than ever before, and this usually demands some advertising expenditure. Utilize a budget set out to promote Pinterest pins to your target audience.

9. Long-tail keywords to target for SEO

If your website isn’t extremely robust, you can focus on longer-tail keywords (around 50 searches per month for more general topics). Frequently, they are considerably simpler to rank for. From there, you can begin creating a foundation of content that you can use to attract links and boost rankings for more difficult-to-get, worthwhile search words.

10. Forums To Target With Content

You can attract up to tens of thousands of visitors and frequently increase signups and purchases if you can make content or a product go viral on a website like Hacker News, Reddit, or ProductHunt. Redditors enjoy links more than any other type of content, according to Reddit marketing data. 

11. Produce fresh content

Increasing the amount of pages on your website that can rank for your most valuable keyword terms is the best approach to attract traffic to your website from organic sources. Additionally, this supports the SEO of your website.

12. Think about where you could add

new keyword-focused category pages, blog articles, or visually appealing material (visuals, quizzes, forms, etc.).

Don’t forget to modify this content before publishing; EditorNinja is a good choice.

13. Make Contact To Be Added To Email Newsletters

Daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters that compile content from sources outside of their industry are distributed by some businesses, and many of these have large subscription bases. Reach out to them if you have content that appeals to their readership and ask if they’ll publish your article in their upcoming issue. The worst that can happen is that they will decline. Never try, never understand!

14. Answer queries from Quora

If you write online, then Quora’s Q&A platform is certainly familiar to you. Finding questions that others are asking about your area of expertise on Quora is amazing. Watch your traffic (and referrals!) rise if you write a fantastic answer and share it on social media to earn some upvotes.

15. Slideshare Content

A social network all its own, Slideshare. You can also appear in the popular content areas of Slideshare’s homepage by expressly creating and promoting material for them, which will send relevant traffic back to your account and website. Make sure your Slideshare account contains a link back to your website!

16. Produce videos for YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic distribution channel if you can make videos there affordably. A top-notch video camera is available on almost all modern phones. A channel must be developed over time, but if done correctly, it can attract a sizable following.

17. Conduct webinars

When you invite speakers with enormous audiences, webinars can bring in new visitors to your website. These speakers can spread the word about your webinar to their own audiences!

18. Social media content promotion  

You might not be aware of this, but not all of the content you post on social media, particularly Facebook, is seen by your followers. If you see that a piece of content is popular and receiving a lot of attention, either boost that post or advertise it to your niche consumers (created in the backend of the Facebook Marketing Suite).

People who submit comments on your article can subscribe to responses using some content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress. A variety of platforms, such as SumoMe, can be used to gather email addresses that you can then use to distribute material to after it has been published. Notice how everything is coming together to create a single, cohesive ball of fresh traffic?

19. Utilize retargeting marketing

You are throwing away money and high-quality leads if you run an online business without remarketing. You can easily target visitors to your site who have not yet made a purchase to return and complete their conversion thanks to the numerous display networks that are available, not to mention Facebook.

20. Promote on related websites

Find the websites that are similar to yours but are not rivals using SimilarWeb or SEMrush once more, and see if you can place ads there. Voila! Now their audience also includes you.

21. Keywords bidding 

Compared to many other strategies, this one is a little less morally clear, but Adwords still lets you bid on many of your rivals’ branded terms. They should also be aware if they’re looking for your rival.

22. Social Media Promotion

When compared to Google Adwords, social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok is still rather affordable today. In order to reach your targeted audience, some services also let you segment by demographics or target by keywords.

You must identify and target your audience. If not, you are essentially wasting your advertising dollars and are probably relying on vanity metrics, such as a Facebook “Like,” which do not actually lead to worthwhile traffic and purchases.

23. PPC

PPC works best for keywords that are intended to lead to conversions, which is wonderful because it exposes you to a brand-new, highly valuable audience that is also prepared to convert. PPC costs more than social media marketing, but it has more highly focused leads that are generally more valuable.


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