How Social Networks Impact Your Search Position

The best search features on Google and social media must compete to survive. The notion that social networks are the new search engines has been floating around for quite some time.

Because social media websites have already significantly altered the search landscape, many people now turn to them instead of Google. TikTok and Instagram are the first places young people (aged 18 to 24) look for things like a place to eat lunch. This trend is likely to alter Google’s primary search and discovery functions in the future.

As the relationship between search and social media deepens, you’ll want to stand out in both the SERPs and on social networks.

Creating Social Media Websites Support Your SEO

Creating social media websites can help with SEO indirectly. The presence and activity on social media can drive traffic to your website, which can improve your search engine ranking. The more people who visit and interact with your website’s content, the more valuable search engines consider your site to be, and the higher your ranking can become.

Furthermore, social media profiles can show up in search engine results, increasing your online visibility and attracting more visitors to your website. While social media websites may not have a direct impact on SEO, their presence and activity can indirectly contribute to higher search engine rankings.

Which social media platform has the best Google performance?

To achieve your social media objectives, concentrate on the social networks that appear first in Google search results. You are not required to use every available platform. We looked at how popular social networks are in Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and how much space they take up on the SERPs.

Only YouTube receives more traffic in the United States than Facebook. The Facebook keyword universe is estimated to have 85.6 million keywords, with the majority of traffic coming from users searching for a specific website or page. This makes sense given that the service is intended to assist users in locating social profiles with shared interests.

Instagram is also popular in the United States (439.6 million). They have 1.5 million keywords in their keyword universe at the moment, and the majority of their keywords and traffic are informational. This means that the majority of their visitors are looking for knowledge-based or informational topics.

YouTube was the most popular social network overall across all categories. The majority of their keywords and traffic came from informational inquiries, indicating that the platform is mostly used to learn about various topics.

Google and Social Media Insights

On average, informational categories and keyword ranks drive the most traffic to social media websites. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, can outperform larger corporations by focusing on commercially relevant keywords that result in conversions. Bottom-of-funnel keywords are what they’re called. While competition for rich snippets like videos and reviews is fierce, there is still room for social networks to overtake highlighted snippets like Google’s top articles, FAQs, and local packs. Because there is less competition, focusing on commercial keyword types is a faster way to compete for social media market share in Google.

You can still target informational keywords if they are important to your SEO strategy. It’s a two-pronged approach: your website should be the primary focus of your commercial intent keyword strategy, while social media is critical for spreading information and increasing brand recognition. Create educational content on social media and include a link to your website where visitors can learn more or make a purchase to adapt your keyword strategy.

Ways to Select Best Social Media Platforms for Your Company

When it comes to social media, it can be challenging to choose the right platform for your company, given the many options available. Having a strong social media presence is crucial for ranking highly on SERPs and appearing in searches, as clients may use social media to learn what other clients or industry influencers are saying about your brand. To achieve this, it’s important to be present where your target audience is online and to use keywords to improve your profiles and posts. 

The various social media platforms offer different benefits and are designed to reach different audiences, so it’s essential to research and tailor your content to your target audience. Maintaining a social media presence requires time and work, so it’s recommended to have social media specialists run your online marketing initiatives. Visual content is highly effective, so incorporating videos and pictures to capture people’s interest is a great strategy to build a strong online community. By being creative, using user-generated content, and leveraging visual content, you can achieve your goals and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Facebook and its Relationship With Google

Facebook and Google are two of the biggest players in the tech industry. While they compete in some areas, they also have a complex relationship.

On the one hand, Facebook is a direct competitor to Google in the advertising space. Facebook’s advertising platform offers similar targeting and ad placement options as Google. In fact, Facebook has been growing its ad revenue at a faster pace than Google.

On the other hand, Facebook and Google also have a mutually beneficial relationship. Google indexes and displays Facebook pages and posts in its search results. This means that having an active and engaging Facebook page can improve your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. In turn, Google Analytics can be used to track and analyze traffic from Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook and Google have worked together on various initiatives over the years. For example, Google used to provide search results within Facebook’s platform through a partnership, which ended in 2019.

Instagram and its Relationship With Google

Instagram can interact with Google in a few ways. First, Instagram profiles and posts can appear in Google search results. This can help increase your online visibility and attract more visitors to your Instagram profile or website. Additionally, the use of relevant hashtags on Instagram can help improve search engine ranking. 

When someone searches for a specific hashtag on Google, Instagram posts that use that hashtag may appear in the search results. This means that including relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts can help increase your online visibility and attract more visitors to your website. Finally, Instagram’s visual focus makes it an excellent platform for creating and sharing visual content that can be optimized for search engines. By using high-quality images and videos and including relevant alt text and descriptions, you can help improve your content’s search engine ranking and increase its visibility on Instagram and Google.

YouTube and its Relationship With Google

YouTube provided Google with valuable user data, allowing the company to better understand user behavior and improve ad targeting.

YouTube and Google have a symbiotic relationship. Google has leveraged YouTube’s strengths to improve its own offerings, while YouTube has utilized Google’s vast resources to grow its business. As a result, the acquisition has been critical to both companies’ success.

According to our research, YouTube was the most popular social network in all categories. The fact that the majority of their keywords and traffic came from informational queries suggested that people came to the platform to learn about things. We calculated nearly 80 million videos for which the domain ranks and 4.4 million “People Also Ask…”, demonstrating the importance of search intent.


Social media primarily increases traffic by increasing the visibility of your brand and content.

Your YouTube videos and social media profiles will also appear in standard search results in the app or on Google. Vispan Solutions suggests that optimizing them for search engines will undoubtedly improve your overall SEO success.

Whether it’s a search on social media or a search on Google, keep in mind that when combined with your SEO tactics, both channels can work in your favor.