Domain Registration Services

Domain Registration Services and hosting is the act of reserving a name and space on the Internet for a certain period, usually one year. The registered domain will be yours as long as you renew it. That’s important. Once a domain purchased by someone else; you can not get that back. So, Hurry up! Book your domain with Vispan.

Domain Registration and Hosting

What is a domain name?

 It is a service that Converts the text which is proper for use on IP addresses. in other words, IP address is also known as digital Internet addresses

Since it is based on the number of Internet addresses (IP), rather than text addresses (domains), each Web server must have a “Domain Name” service (DNS) for domain addresses, IP addresses to modify. For example, “” request is transmitted to a DNS server. A domain is changed into a digital IP address

Our team will surely help to find the best fit domain which reflects your business. After purchase, if you ask for more then our team will definitely provide an extensive website to promote your business all over the world.


“Why is it important for the domain name?

The perfect domain name is helpful in many cases. You can use it in your business card, email signature, and other promotional materials.

The domain name will also help

To gain confidence and show your customers that your business is successful. It will surely help you to improve your marketing, enabling customers to easily connect with you and remember your data.

Each domain name registration allows access to the following services: Additionally, We offer safe, accessible around the clock domain management tool, which gives you a full, real mode (real-time) to manage your domains. You can quickly search for and reserve any free domain independently.


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